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Ágnes Bodor & Kaláka Studio

Bodor Ágnes and the Kalaka Studio has been enriching the Hungarian fashion scene for over 4 decades.

Bodor Ágnes studied textile design at the College of Applied Arts, Budapest, graduating in 1981.

Her collections encompass both dresses and accessories from elegant ready-to-wear pieces complemented by matching shoes, bags, hats and gloves.

Mixing tailoring finesse with up-to-date trends, the Bodor Ágnes brand and the Kalaka Collection has established a reputation for quality design in Hungary and beyond.

She has taken part in numerous exhibitions to great acclaim and recognition at The Ernst Museum and Duna gallery amongst others.

Her first shop opened in 1988 in the Castle District, followed by other outlets in the Sugar Centre, the Duna Plaza, and in Haris Koz in Budapest, as well as the Europark and Suba Centre in Kecskemet and Pecs. Her current showroom store is in the Mammut Centre in Budapest.

Her feminine style offers timeless elegance to women of all ages and body shapes, creating cocktail, evening and wedding dresses complemented by dance shoes, bags, belts, hats and other accessories.

The salon also caters to bespoke requests finding a balance between unique requirements and feasible design.